Monster Hunter Freedom 2 : End of Tigrex

June 3, 2008

Finally!! After about five time re challenging him, I got him good. I had to throw anything, I mean anything on my disposal to him. I literally had to throw him paintballs, 15 flashbombs, large+small barrel bomb, three shock traps, and two tranq bombs before I can capture and take him to the village to be my new doormat, alive. Wuahahahaha…..

I came back to village with pride and everyone welcomed me, just to learn that that tigrex was just a small fry. There will be these “elder dragons” whose name sound so strong. Bought a magazine bout one of them and just add a weigh on my depression. As a gamer I should be happy to have more challenges, but after that experience with tigrex I think I need a break from MHF2 for a while. I think Patapon would be a good pick for a change. J


Monster Hunter Freedom 2 : Tigrex

May 31, 2008

Arrghh….. This beast is so annoying. Faced him with the best equipment and item, only to get trashed, badly, in a few minutes. Or maybe I’m just not cut to play this game <sigh>.

Seeing someone face tigarex on YouTube, using warhorn, and win the mission easily. Tried myself and got pwnd, very badly.

Hello world!

May 31, 2008

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